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Color correction or change
Objects removed
Remove imperfections
Background more or less pronounced
Change background
Remove an obnoxious person from group photo
Enhance and smooth skin
Remove skin imperfections and wrinkles
Bags under eyes
Makeup enhancement
Eyes, lashes, eyes shadow
Lip wrinkles smoothed
Bust enhancement/reduction
Weight reduction

Retouching has always been an integral part of a photographer's profession. Since about 1992, the limitations of the darkroom became a thing of the past, and Photoshop quickly became the tool of choice for all professional photographers, providing capabilities considerably more powerful and efficient than before.

You may think of retouching as simply removing or correcting obvious problems with a photograph, such as reducing or removing wrinkles, acne, scars, red-eye, and other photographic imperfections. But the problems could be more complex, such as damaged photographs, not enough or perhaps too much makeup, bags under the eyes, and so on. More challenging are issues such as unwanted objects (or people) in the photo, incorrect background, a photo's colors shifting over time, etc.

Making such changes requires nothing more than mechanical skill.

But consider this: in the same way that no two photographers will take exactly the same picture, no two retouchers will make changes to a photo in exactly the same way.

The true art in photo retouching is being able to alter the character of a photograph, to enhance or change the feeling it produces.

This is what we do at JAB Photo Retouching. Our style is to stay as natural as possible. The retouching we do is subtle but effective, applying the mechanical and artistic changes to achieve precisely the result you desire.

Our clientele ranges from photographers and models, to advertising agencies and the fashion industry... and, of course, you.



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