As editor of the University of Utah's Health Sciences Report magazine, I have used the photographic services of J. A. Jay Borowczyk for the past several issues and highly recommend him. We are featuring one of his shots on the back cover of the upcoming fall issue and have used many others inside to illustrate feature stories. Jay works efficiently. He surveys settings quickly and professionally, so he wastes no time of his subjects: an important consideration when photographing medical doctors. He also is a good judge of his subjects and knows how to help them relax, so he can capture their natural personalities. Jay manages to balance what me be competing demands for a photographer on assignment, He graciously accepts art direction during the shooting, but doesn't depend upon it. He has an artist's eye and searches for a unique perspective, which helps make my job as an editor easier. He also has been prompt in processing his work and supplying me with needed images as soon as possible. I have no reservations in recommending Jay as a photographer.

Susan Sample
Editor, Health Sciences Report Magazine