Commercial photographer located in Utah. Professional photography in Salt Lake City. JAB Photography: Jay Borowczyk, specializing in commercial, industrial, corporate, architecture, advertising, stock, studio, people, digital, images, pictures, digital, studio/product, product, brochures, catalog, print, art, graphic, illustration, medical, shooter, illustrator, graphic, editorial. Jay Borowczyk dba. JAB Photography is freelance photographer. He always producing high quality photos and He is up to date on all modern digital, with techniques gathered from around the world, and has been shown in galleries from Poland to San Francisco. Born and raised in Poland, he has called Salt Lake City his home for the last twenty years.
Jay is always looking for a challenge, with a special eye to commercial, industrial and architectural photography.
Despite the advent of digital technology, the 's most fundamental and critical tool remains the same: light. I know how to use it. I see it, I feel it, I play with it, and I can control it.

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