Digital Postproduction.

In order to achieve the best quality of our pictures we always take pictures in RAW format. The exception is images that require high-speed photography. RAW format is like a film negative and requires a specific process. Based on our experience we master the skills using Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom.

Batch process.
Can be used only in case if the pictures are taken at the same lighting conditions.
- color correction
- exposure, fill light, blacks, brightness, contrast
- sharpening, noise reduction
- saturation, hue, luminance
- lens correction, vertical and horizontal distortion correction
- lens vignetting and chromatic aberration correction
- grain and post crop vignetting control
- crop and straighten images

Individual image processing.
Everything that is in batch process plus:
Open image in Adobe Photoshop and process as needed or require.
All and everything what Photoshop can offer.