(mouse over each one)
The Smoker.
It's only tobacco in that pipe... really!
The Grunt.
Cleans up the mess made by all the other guys.
The Handy-Man.
If it's broke, he'll fix it. If it's not broke, he'll fix it, too.
The Camera Man.
Does all the work while "The Photographer" is waiting for that perfect shot.
Assistant IT Guy.
Hangs around only to make the IT Guy look important.
Really has nothing to do because they only use Macs.
The IT Guy.
The bigger the monitor, the better the computer.
The Assistant Art Director.
The Yes-man. Makes the Art Director think he's always right.
The Art Director.
He is always right. Even when he's wrong, he's right.
The Photographer.
Rincarnation of Ansel Adams. Waiting for just the right shot.
Mr. Borowczyk – and you'd better call him “Mister”
Actually runs the place. The chief muckety-muck only thinks he's in charge.
The Bean Counter.
The bookie... for him, it's always more money, gimee, gimee, gimee more…
The Chief Muckety-Muck.
Thinks he runs the place. Don't mess with him.
And you won’t be able to pronounce his name – really! – so just call him Jay.
Introducing... The “J-Team”
Despite the advent of digital technology,
the photographer's most fundamental and critical tool remains the same: light.
I know how to use it. I see it, I feel it, I play with it, and I can control it.
Commercial photography for advertising and business services since 1992 in Utah. The award-winning photographer, Jay Borowczyk, has many years of experience capturing the essence of the moment with beautiful, quality photographs. He is up to date on all modern digital photography with techniques gathered from around the world and has been shown in galleries from Poland to San Francisco. Jay is always looking for a challenge, with a special eye to commercial, industrial, e-commerce photography, and environmental portraiture.”